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Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Step into the world of the Perfectly Imperfect Me. I am uniquely general and generaly unique, lol! I like to think of myself as different from the rest but just like everyone else. I am an artisically thinking and spiritually driven person. I have my ups and I have my downs while other things are happening all around. Come into my world and find out how I am a perfect imperfection.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get 2 Know Me!

Hello World!

My name is Jessica, some of my friends call me J, I am 25 and I live in Baltimore, Maryland. There are a few things you should know about me...I'm Crazy and I'm Emotional. LOL! But I love life, even though sometimes I don't feel like life loves me, I try to embrace it at all times.

This blog is about me, my life, and my stuggles. The things that I go through from day to day and the choices that I have to make daily. So yes, If you come in contact with me on the regular and you get on my nerves or something you might end up in a blog somewhere, lol. Sorry in advance. I hope that this glimpse into my world will kind of inspire some people and help someone who might be going through some of the same things that I have to deal with.

So I live in Baltimore, MD but I am originally from a small town named Conway, South Carolina and later lived in Charleston, South Carolina. So I am a southern girl all the way! Don't ask me how I ended up here in Baltimore, MD but I am here and living life!

I attended Charleston Southern University in Charleston, SC for my undergraduate studies and am now in graduate school at Strayer University, which also happens to be my place of work.

Well, I just wanted to tell eveyone a little bit about myself to start off. I hope you all enjoy the little pieces of me and comment away!